About K9 Country

You ask “Just who runs K9Country?” and “How did it come to pass?”. Well it started along long time ago in a galaxy far away…. Oh excuse me, that’s different story!

K9Country was created by Janet and Joe Croft. We live in a small suburb of Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport, Texas. After having a server, www.croftj.net, out on the Internet helping the Linux Community for some time now we decided it was time to put it to other more profitable uses also. We decided to do a dog site since Jan is really really into dogs and there is only so much you can say about the Linux OS (unless of course your a geek).

Our goal is to provide an easy means of finding information on the care and raising of dogs on the Internet. The Internet has such a wealth of information and so little of it really concerns any one individual. We plan to accomplish this by providing links to interesting categorized dog related sites, a search engine for those pages and the sites they point to, useful tools such as our “Breed Selection Tool” and our “Dog Database”, and hopefully some original content for our site itself. To help support the community we also offer news like forums and classified ads.

Jan is the dog lover, heck, lets be serious, animal lover. We now have a house with 4 dogs, 2 cats and 2 kids, if we had room we would have horses, chickens, pot bellied pigs, deer, ostriches, partridges in pear trees etc. but I digress. Jan is a dog lover, she longs for the time that she can start showing dogs again, breeding them to make just the right dog for a given breed. Her job on this site is to direct what we have on our site as far as features. She also searches out the links to the other sites and news items as well as reads and answers the mail.

I’m Joe, a programmer at heart… hmmm.. maybe slacker is more appropriate, why work when you can earn a living playing with computers? My job for this site is to come up with all of the scripting needed to make this site run. My interests are mostly computers and my kids. Dogs are okay, almost better than cats but don’t tell Jan I said that!

My kids are Thomas and Tamara. Their good kids. Tom is 14 and Tamara is 12. They are your typical kids liking the “Rug Rats” and such. Jan has three kids also, Jason, Cecil and Aaron. They decided to stay in Minnesota with their dad. Jason is actually out on his own at 27. Cecil is 23 and is majoring in biology at college. Aaron is 20 and still in high school. Their pretty neat boys also! (yes, they mommy’s little boys to the end).

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